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Evan Aviation is run by experienced aviation professionals, who thoroughly know the requirements of the industry. Evan has growing up to become one of the best providers of flying training with the caliber instructor that have work experiences in the airline industry.

Evan Aviation has partnerships with some of the best flight schools around the world, ensuring students not only receive the very best training, but also gain international experience. Ever since planes started flying in the sky, aviation has been glamorous and lucrative vocation sought after by many but achieved by only a few selected persons.

The philosophy of Evan Aviation Academy is to devote time, effort and resource into training the individuals to become the best in their chosen profession. This is a conviction that, through time, it has become a valuable contribution of Evan Aviation Academy towards nation building

“Great pilots are made not born…….many possess good eyesight, sensitive hands and perfect co-ordination but the end result is only fashioned by steady coaching, practice and experience.” Evan Aviation Academy trains an individual for a brilliant future in aviation by taking them far beyond the commonly used minimum Commercial Pilot License training (CPL) standards.

We welcome you and offer wings to fly for a lucrative and remunerative career as a pilot

Greatest reward in establishing Evan Consultant is to see that an individual live their dream of flying and experience a different outlook in life especially when their prospective is beyond the clouds.

Part of Evan Aviation Academy motivation, as it significantly rose above others, is to share the excitement of being up in the sky.


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